Global Promotional Sport [GPS]


Sport is a universal language that transcends borders, continents, and cultures, bringing our world together. It provides a unique platform for businesses and brands to connect with consumers in a way unlike any other. Sport is present in every country, on every continent, and it offers an unparalleled opportunity for global promotion and engagement.

Countries that have Officially or Unoffiially

Accepted A National Sport

Country Sport

1.00 Afghanistan Buzkashi
2.00 Anguilla Yacht racing
3.00 Antigua and Barbuda Cricket
4.00 Argentina Pato
5.00 Australia Cricket, AFL, Rugby League
6.00 Bahamas Cricket
7.00 Bangladesh Kabaddi
8.00 Barbados Cricket
9.00 Bermuda Cricket
10.00 Bhutan Archery
11.00 Brazil Capoeira
12.00 Bulgaria Association Football, Volleyball
13.00 Cayman Islands cricket, football, fishing
14.00 Canada Lacrosse (summer), Ice hockey (winter)
15.00 Chile Chilean rodeo
16.00 China Table Tennis
17.00 Colombia Tejo
18.00 Cuba Baseball
19.00 Czech Republic Ice hockey
20.00 Denmark Aossociation Football, Handball
21.00 Dominican Republic Baseball
22.00 England Association Football, Cricket
23.00 Estonia Basketball
24.00 Finland Pesäpallo
25.00 Gambia Wrestling
26.00 Georgia Rugby union
27.00 Grenada Cricket
28.00 Guyana Cricket, Water Polo
29.00 Haiti Football
30.00 Hungary Football or Water polo
31.00 Iceland Handball
32.00 India Field Hockey, Cricket
33.00 Indonesia Pencak Silat
34.00 Iran Varzesh-e Bastani (wrestling)
35.00 Ireland Gaelic games
36.00 Israel Football
37.00 Italy Football
38.00 Jamaica Cricket
39.00 Japan Sumo Wrestling, baseball
40.00 Latvia Basketball (summer), Ice hockey (winter)
41.00 Lithuania Basketball
42.00 Madagascar Rugby union
43.00 Malaysia Sepak Takraw
44.00 Mauritius Football
45.00 Mexico Charrería
46.00 Mongolia Archery, Mongolian wrestling, Horse racing
47.00 Nepal Volleyball
48.00 New Zealand Rugby Union
49.00 Norway Cross-country skiing
50.00 Pakistan Field Hockey
51.00 Papua New Guinea Rugby league
52.00 Peru Paleta Frontón
53.00 Philippines Arnis
54.00 Poland Football
55.00 Puerto Rico Baseball, Paso Fino
56.00 Romania Oina
57.00 Russia Bandy
58.00 Scotland Golf
59.00 Senegal 'La lutte'
60.00 Serbia Banatske Šore
61.00 Slovenia Alpine skiing
62.00 South Korea Taekwondo
63.00 Spain Football
64.00 Sri Lanka Volleyball
65.00 Tajikistan Gushtigiri
66.00 Turkey Oil wrestling & Cirit
67.00 Turks and Caicos Islands Cricket
68.00 United States Baseball
69.00 Uruguay Destrezas Criollas (Creole Skills)
70.00 Venezuela Baseball
71.00 Wales Rugby union


 Sport DOES Have The Power To Change The World