GlobalPromotionalSport™ [GPS] is moving towards establishing a unique and engaging platform in the sports sponsorship and marketing industry.





Global Promotional Sport initiative will serve as

A central hub offering a range of features and services

to enhance the connection between

GEO based Teams, Facilities, Events, Athletes

And the Community


Features and Services


Event Calendar and Information

Provide a comprehensive calendar of sporting events worldwide, along with detailed information about each event, including location, teams or athletes participating, and ticketin


Local Fan Club Directories

List and map local fan clubs globally, offering users the ability to find and join nearby clubs or participate in events during travel.


Membership Registration and Management

Facilitate online registration for the GPS fan club network, including member profile management and communication tools.


Exclusive Content

Host exclusive videos, interviews, articles, and behind-the-scenes content that provide a deeper insight into various sports and athletes.


E-Commerce Platform

Offer sports merchandise, event tickets, and exclusive fan club gear, potentially incorporating local business products.


Community Engagement Platform

Create forums, discussion boards, and social media integration for fans to engage, share experiences, and discuss events.


Loyalty and Rewards System

Implement a points-based system where members earn rewards for participation, purchases, and promotional activities.


Virtual Event Access

For members unable to attend events in person, provide virtual access through live streams, virtual meet-ups, and interactive content.


Sustainability and Social Responsibility Initiatives

Showcase and promote the initiative’s involvement in sustainability and social causes.


Educational Content and Programs

Offer educational resources, webinars, and interactive content focused on sports, health, and community engagement.


Global Networking Opportunities

Facilitate connections between sports fans worldwide, organizing global meet-ups and cultural exchange programs.


Mobile App Integration

Consider developing a mobile app for easier access and real-time updates and notifications.



Marketing and Promotion Strategies


  • SEO and Content Marketing: Regularly update the website with engaging content to improve search engine rankings and attract organic traffic.


  • Social Media Campaigns: Utilize various social media platforms to promote the website, engage with the community, and share updates.


  • Partnerships with Sports Organizations and Teams: Collaborate with sports teams, organizations, and athletes to promote the platform and gain credibility.


  • Influencer Marketing: Engage with sports influencers to reach a broader audience and create buzz around the platform.


  • Targeted Advertising: Use online advertising to target sports enthusiasts and potential members.


By leveraging these features and marketing strategies, goal is to become a leading platform in the sports industry, offering brand and business connections and elevating the community experience and connections for sports events around the world


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