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Sportsorship™ is a platform for sports entities such as stadiums, teams, athletes, and leagues to display sponsorship opportunities. Stadiums, teams, or leagues can list available spaces or opportunities on the platform. Sportsorship™ generates revenue either through a commission or a fixed monthly price.

The platform promotes these opportunities, increasing exposure and reducing costs compared to traditional advertising methods.


Sportvestors™ Sports Investors is here to connect you with a spectrum of opportunities that were once the preserve of industry insiders.


Our platform offers an unrivaled selection of investment prospects, from cutting-edge sports tech startups disrupting the game to promising athletes and sports ventures in need of capital to realize their potential.


Sportsors™ Sport Sponsors is a GEO Based platform developed to bring businesses, organizations, or entities that engage in supporting sports teams or athletes by providing financial or in-kind support in return for advertising and brand visibility.


Local Business Engagement

Sportsors™ platform promotes local GEO businesses to engage with the

Fan Base for sporting events promoting the benefits of becoming a Sportsor™


Sportdorsement™ stands as a trailblazing platform in the dynamic realm of sports endorsements, garnering attention on a global scale.

Sportdorsement™ revolutionizes the way brands, businesses, and athletes

engage in the world of sports media.

Seamlessly combining "sport" and "endorsement," Sportdorsement™ becomes the epitome of cutting-edge athlete endorsement platforms, offering businesses

unparalleled opportunities for impactful partnerships.


The New World Of Sport Will Be Shaped By Stories


Sportcumentaries™ will build Sport Brands faster than Live Sport

A Sportcumentary™ will create an emotional connection to the sport, the athletes, the team and the story igniting the passion of fans worldwide attracting a previously void demographic and expanding fan bases and fostering inclusivity within the sporting community.


Sportchology™ is a term that combines "sport" and "psychology" to refer to

the study of the  psychological aspects of sport and physical activity.


Sportchology™ encompasses a wide range of research areas such as

sports science, exercise physiology, kinesiology,  sports medicine,

physical education and sport psychology


A  Sportchologist™ is a professional who specializes in the study of the psychological and mental factors that influence athletic performance.


A Sportchologist™ is a person who is trained in sport psychology who can work

with athletes, teams, coaches, and organizations to help them improve

their mental and emotional well-being, as well as their performance


Spodsters™, sport podcasters that cover topics related to sports and athletes.


Content can include sports news, predictions and analysis of game results, debates and discussions between hosts, and interviews with sports figures

Spodster™ gives teams and athletes a platform to connect with existing fans on a deeper level, resulting in stronger connections


Sportcuseries™, Sport Documemtary Series, is a term that refers to a

series of documentary films or videos that tell the story

of a sport, team, or athlete.

Unlike a single documentary, a Sportcuseries™ is a collection

of episodes that delve deeper into the story, creating a more

immersive and engaging experience for the audience.

The New World Of Sport Will Be Shaped By Stories

The Spodster Revolution

Embracing Change in Sports Media


The rise of Sport Podcasters (Spodsters™) is transforming the sports media landscape, necessitating a fundamental shift in traditional sports journalism.


The proliferation of Spodsters™ will profoundly reshap traditional sports media dynamics, driven by their real-time engagement and visually compelling content.

The standalone existence of traditional sports media is increasingly unsustainable, making integration with sport-based platforms imperative.


Adapting to the New Era

A mere sports media news story is no longer adequate to attract consumers to a website when they have the option to listen to Spodsters™ conveniently while on the move.

To remain relevant, sports media must evolve and incorporate the engaging, live, and fast-paced style of Spodsters™.


Quality Journalism Still Matters

While social media has reduced attention spans and appreciation for in-depth journalism, quality sports media will always have a place. However, it must adapt to the changing landscape and embrace the shift towards more interactive and accessible content.


Today's sports landscape is witnessing an unprecedented surge in the valuation of sport teams, athlete contracts and sport properties.

We believe, this is just the beginning.


The future of fan interaction is poised to transcend today's boundaries, seamlessly bridging the gap between the foundational sports experiences we know today and the limitless possibilities

of the metaverse.


Global Promotional Sport (GPS) understands that

the key to staying at the forefront of the sports

media industry is not only embracing today's skyrocketing valuations but also preparing for the transformative potential of tomorrow's metaverse.


Our extensive collection of trademarkable domains

GPS is poised to 'Capture Significant Market Share'

and inhearit the momentum of today but also

shape the future of fan engagement, sport media

and sports sponsorship, ensuring that the legacy

of sports continues to evolve and thrive in the

ever-expanding digital frontier


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